We are going to use AWS Amplify to login to our Amazon Cognito setup. Let’s start by importing it.

Import Auth from AWS Amplify

Add the following to the header of our Login container in src/containers/Login.js.

import { Auth } from "aws-amplify";

Login to Amazon Cognito

The login code itself is relatively simple.

Simply replace our placeholder handleSubmit method in src/containers/Login.js with the following.

handleSubmit = async event => {

  try {
    await Auth.signIn(this.state.email, this.state.password);
    alert("Logged in");
  } catch (e) {

We are doing two things of note here.

  1. We grab the email and password from this.state and call Amplify’s Auth.signIn() method with it. This method returns a promise since it will be logging the user asynchronously.

  2. We use the await keyword to invoke the Auth.signIn() method that returns a promise. And we need to label our handleSubmit method as async.

Now if you try to login using the admin@example.com user (that we created in the Create a Cognito Test User chapter), you should see the browser alert that tells you that the login was successful.

Login success screenshot

Next, we’ll take a look at storing the login state in our app.